NLogMini Sound Set

The sound banks delivered with NLogSynth PRO and NLogPoly Synth contain patches mostly rich and complex. They are typically using many modules and modulations including effects found within NLog's synth architecture. Some user have requested examples with more restricted sounds and without any effects. Thus, I created a set of 32 patches called 'NLogMINI Sound Bank' using only a defined set of NLog's synth modules.

They are using only up to 3 OSCs with 3 basic waves (saw, square, triangle) incl. PWM plus noise, only one filter with only low pass modes (LP4, LP2, LPv1), only amplitude and filter envelopes, LFO modulation restricted to pitch and cut off, plus glide.

Apart from this setup nothing else is used from NLog's synth engine, no complex waves, no FM, no ring modulation, no additional envelopes nor extra LFOs, no strange modulation targets, no modulation matrix, no effects at all, no delay.

The sounds also demo the basic sound qualities of NLog and can be further used as starting points own patch creations. Each of the 32 patches are described below with a sound example recorded in 44.1 kHz without any compression, effects nor modifications except for transcoding SoundCloud is performing.

Listen at SoundCloud here:

The sound bank can be downloaded here for free:

NLogMINI Sound Bank

Just unzip the archive and load whatever patch you like into NLogPoly Synth or NLogSynth PRO*) For the latter you can copy all files at once via iTunes to your iPad using iTunes file transfer. Within NLogSynth PRO you can use the import function at the 'load' page. For NLogPoly Synth just import each file directly from the file system.

You can add effects, delay and other modifications as you like. Please do not forget to save them in any of your user banks in case you want to keep them in your sound set.

*) Since NLog MIDI Synth has only 2 oscillators they cannot loaded with NLog MIDI Synth.

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